Selasa, 02 November 2010

Things to Do in KL

Writing in English? Why not? He he he, after a long long time this is my first attempt to write another English post in School of Universe. Just a rewrite of my previous post in Bahasa Indonesia. It is about my journey in KL with my family.

The first thing you have in mind before you come to Malaysia probably is this: PETRONAS TWIN TOWER. Yes, this is one thing that if you put into your photograph people most likely already know that you are in Malaysia. The same thing goes with Merlion in Singapore, Eiffel Tower in France, or Liberty Statue in USA.

To get to Petronas Twin Tower from Airport is easy. Upon arriving at the airport, you just have to take a feeder bus or rent a car to get to KL. Feeder bus will take you to KL Sentral. This is the biggest train station in KL, with commuter, LRT, and intercity train available.

Feeder bus cost you only a little money. RM 8 to RM 9 ticket fare is available, depending on the bus. Even Star Shuttle bus can take you to places like hotel for only a small additional fare (RM 12 to get to any hotel in KL). It is per person fare. Rented car or taxi is available for more than RM 80.

When you are in KL, you have to decide where to stay. If you go on a budget, you can either take Petaling Street or near KL Sentral for you stay. Both places offer budget hotels or even dormitory style hostels.

If you plan to visit other places by train, such as Singapore, Thailand, or even other Peninsula places of attraction, it is better for you to stay near KL Sentral. Even other places in KL such as Petronas Twin Tower or Genting Highland public transportation is reachable from KL Sentral.

If you stay in Petaling Street, you can get to puduraya bus station by walking. This is convenient if you plan to go to other places in Malaysia by bus. For example, if you want to go to Melacca so puduraya is the only place to visit since you only can take bus to Melacca from here. You can go around KL if you buy a rapidKL bus ticket only for RM 2 per day. It means that you can re use the ticket as long as the journey is on the same day.

Petaling Street itself is a shopping destination for most tourists. You can buy cheap souvenirs here such as key chain, t shirt, or even imitation bags. A beer corner is also available for European tourists.

Back to Petronas Twin Tower. At least there are 5 things you can do near Petronas Twin Tower. The first one of course, taking pictures of you with the twin tower as the background. The second on is taking a walk around the KLCC park which is considered as a very save place for foreigner. The third one is to see the water laser attraction at the park or you can even take your children to a public swimming poo. The forth one is to visit Petrosains and Dinotrek2. The fifth one is to visit the Petronas Sky Bridge.

KLCC Park from Petronas Sky Bridge

The hardest thing to do is probably to visit Petronas Sky Bridge. You have to ask for free ticket to visit this one. Since it is a free ticket, don’t expect you will get one if you come late. Most smart visitor will come early in the morning even before the ticket counter open. When I came near 8 am, I only managed to get ticket for 4 pm shift. So if you want to get morning shift tickets, please come before 8 am.

Every shift can only take around 20 people. That includes children and babies. So you have to ask a ticket for your baby too. One person can ask for a maximum of 5 tickets.

One shift will take about 20 minutes to finish. That includes a short film before you enter the lift that will take you to level 41 in 41 seconds. There is a guide that will explain the history of Petronas Twin Tower and guide you through the 20 minutes journey.

Petronas Sky Bridge Interior

Other places you might be interested in when you are in KL probably KL Tower, the Royal Palace and Putrajaya. The last two are not accessible by public transportation. But if you insist to go there, you can join a short tour that will cost you more than RM 100 per person. If you can arrange a private tour with your friend, may be it is cheaper to rent a car to take you there. As for the guidance you can join other tourist for some explanation from their guide :) .

If you are not a backpacker or if you prefer a higher class of hotel you can consider The Zon Hotel as your place to stay. If you bring family, you can have a 2 bedrooms suites for a cheap price. Please go to the official hotel website for reservation, it is cheaper than any travel agent’s offers.

There you can have a family room, dining room, and a basic kitchen with a lot of kitchen utensil that can fulfill your needs. Below are some pictures when I stayed there.

Family Room, The Zon

Dining Room, The Zon

Dining Room, The Zon

Kitchen with Toaster, Microwave, Rice Cooker, and Gas Stove

Kitchen with Toaster, Microwave, Rice Cooker, and Gas Stove

So, have a nice trip to KL :) .